Can Equalizer-Preamp Damage Phone Speakers?

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Can Equalizer-Preamp Damage Phone Speakers?

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Hi all! I just bought Neutron Music Player and Poweramp but when playing with the settings, I put the Preamp to max along with the system volume in Neutron. (I wanted to test Neutron's volume vs Poweramp's volume) It couldn't have been more then 20 seconds but I am worried that I may have damaged the phones's speakers. I notice no difference in the speakers, (I uninstalled and reinstalled Neutron so the all settings would be at their defaults), but I am wondering if I may have damaged them. Is that even possible? Ths in advance!

If I posted in the wrong section, sorry in advance. Wasn't sure where to ask this question.
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Re: Can Equalizer-Preamp Damage Phone Speakers?

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Any speakers can be damaged by driving them louder than their capacity so the answer to your question is yes. Boosting volume or EQ (especially low frequencies)will deliver more power to the speakers. Whether that will actually damage them on any particular device depends on the power and distortion specs of the amplifier and the power handling capabilities of the speaker.
If you have damaged them it will probably be obvious when listening.
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