Rendering scores

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Rendering scores

Postby raboof » Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:45 pm

It's not too uncommon to want to show (parts of) scores in an application.

I've been looking for a component to take care of the music rendering for me - so far most options seem rather limited.

Of course, lilypond is a highly advanced engraver - it might be cool to try and incorporate that into software, even though it is clearly focused on for-print usage.

The aliasing inconsistencies nagged me, so i looked into them: looks like there are a couple of interesting possibilities for improving on-screen output. I started a thread about it on the lilypond lists, should be interesting to see what can be done

What other options are available to include music in applications? jMusic (in Java) seems to have some swing classes, other than that it seems custom rendering is usually 'built into' each application.

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