LSP Test Framework

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LSP Test Framework

Post by sadko4u »

LSP Project tree is now being decomposed into separate modules with aim to become better portability between different platforms.
Splitting the whole tree into modules simplifies encapsulation principles, in other words one module solves one specific set of tasks.

Let me introduce the first module decomposed from LSP source code tree - LSP Test Framework.

It's a simple and minimalistic framework which solves many problems related to automated testing of code.
LSP Project currently uses this framework as a part of project tree. When other modules will be decomposed, LSP Project will switch to using this repository.

Here's an example of how it works for Windows, too:

More examples of really used production tests are here: ... rc/testing
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Re: LSP Test Framework

Post by Basslint »

Great job as usual, sadko!
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