Open Stage Control vs. TouchOSC for controlling SooperLooper

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Open Stage Control vs. TouchOSC for controlling SooperLooper

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SooperLooper, SooperLooper. Is that all I ever talk about? Yes.

I'm having some trouble getting my compiled version of SooperLooper working on Raspberry Pi/Raspbian. That's a real shame as the code changes I'd need to get some unused buttons off the screen are really trivial. I thought about using TouchOSC to completely replace slgui, but it lacks both a "meter" widget and a "pie progress" widget such as you see in Ableton Live or Mobius that shows you where you are in the playback of a loop. A linear widget (a 0 to 100% bar graph), such as is already implemented in SooperLooper, somehow does not convey the same message.

I started looking at Open Stage Control. It does look like it has meter widgets and I can't tell about a "pie progress" widget without digging a bit deeper. Anybody used it, good/bad/otherwise?

Even the wxWidgets toolkit that SooperLooper uses doesn't have a "pie progress" meter, although I guess I could come up with something that picks 1 of 100 BMPs to display depending on the input value. Ultimately even if I wind up going the "separate OSC client" approach I'm most likely going to keep slgui running on the Pi, as that's where my MIDI footswitch plugs in and I have no real need or desire to rewrite something that already works.
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