Libre Music Challenge #14 : Guitarix

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Libre Music Challenge #14 : Guitarix

Post by rghvdberg »

Hello everybody, and especially @tramp

Libre Music Challenge #14 : Guitarix
  • Make a track using any number of Guitarix / GxPlugins.lv2 as you see fit.
  • deadline of submissions is 30-11-2021 (your local time is fine, I'm not gonna bother with time zones and such :D )
  • general rules still apply viewtopic.php?f=24&t=21662
Let's explore the wonderful application and plugin suite Guitarix
Read if you aren't that familiar with the plugins (like me :wink: )

some notes
  • It's not a Guitarix only challenge, you can use all your favorite tools.
  • It's not a guitar only challenge, you can use the plugins on anything you like.
If you have any questions, suggestions, post them below.

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