Creative multitrack drum loops, calf skins - free

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Creative multitrack drum loops, calf skins - free

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Just found out these. Recorded by drummer Bill Mead in a cabin in the woods of Maine where he lives off-grid (and teaches drums and percussions in nearby schools) these loops are totally great, very lively, great sounding, with exquisite playing. Each set is made of 5 tracks:
There are a lot of loops in all styles ... and all free of charge. They're really, really free. This is not a sales pitch.

So if you're looking for some drums which are out of the ordinary run-of-the-mill, which transpire life and subtleties and nuances, which are very colourful and quite inspiring, check them out.

Here's a presentation video:

The site:
Example set:

"Junglery vol. 2 - smoke singer"

Part of the description:

Welcome Junglists! Bring on the rave, bring on the scene, and experience this collection of breakbeats played by a human on animal skins . . . yeah I know, this is most likely very new territory for the classic drum n’ bass grooves. Of course the original shit was all electronic, that is, samples of stolen drum breaks sped up and looped. But since Jojo Mayer paved the way for compostable-breathing-heartbeating-drumming-homo-sapiens playing this type of music on actual physical instruments, circa 90’s-ish . . . the road is now defined, and even organic bark-eating-calfskin-worshipping drummers like yours truly have embraced the pursuit of sounding somewhat electronic, at least maybe some of the time, and well, not really all that electronic to be honest, but the essence is here. So check um out. They’re loopy and make use of a double hi hat and double snare drum configuration, dark cymbals and calfskin baby, did I mention that? CALFSKIN . . . And dude, all them are sorta longer phrases, 4 bar phrases to be exact, kinda cool, but chop um up and mess with um of course, thats what we do right? Make them yours and make them art . . . dig.
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