XUbuntu VS XP Pro + ManyCAM + WinAMP ??

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XUbuntu VS XP Pro + ManyCAM + WinAMP ??

Post by Slippers »

I have been wrestling with XUbuntu and KXStudio with Linux for about 3 weeks now.

I have been TRYING to achieve the quality of where I was with XP Pro +SP3 + ManyCAM + WinAMP + Cakewalk Sonar PE + kXProject drivers for SoundBlaster Live! & Audigy2 cards using SoundFonts.

These kXProject drivers allowed me to FULLY CONTROL all aspects of the Audio I/O's of this card.

Below is an attached photo of the kXProject DSP I designed for my music creations and performances.
SB0243 DSP.jpg
This is a link to an unfinished composition of mine using BOTH audio and midi instruments.


I am finding that this 15 year old technology can't be matched by all the newest and best I've found in Linux!!

Should I quit and go back to what is best? Have I missed some drivers or apts that work better? What works best? Which is easiest?

Do the Boogie Men and Trolls of today REALLY go after us old dinosaurs? XP Pro has FEWER holes and bugs than Windows 10!!

Just wondering what to do.
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Re: XUbuntu VS XP Pro + ManyCAM + WinAMP ??

Post by sysrqer »

That doesn't look that much different to Catia with some kind of mixer (non-mixer comes to mind).


What exactly are you missing?

Audacious has a winamp skin if I remember correctly but there are loads of good music players available.

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Re: XUbuntu VS XP Pro + ManyCAM + WinAMP ??

Post by Lyberta »

One thing you will almost certainly miss is hardware accelerated audio features. GNU/Linux uses only the DAC/ADC portion of the card.

I see no point in Winamp.

Personally, I used a lot of stuff designed for XP and it all broke when I updated to Win 7. So if you are still on XP and are not connected to the Internet, everything should be good. But you can't match the freedom of GNU/Linux, I deleted lots of quality software because it was proprietary and found not exactly perfect stuff for GNU/Linux. But I'm not going back.

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