Collaboration/Session recordings/etc

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Collaboration/Session recordings/etc

Post by lazyklimm »

Hi, It seems there are some musicians on this forum :) and some of them even can play musical instrument other than mouse and computer keyboard :wink: , so I think if we can help each other to record instrumental parts that we can't play ourselves?

here is the drummer, I play (not a virtuoso, though) guitar and bass - good starting point!

So, what do you think?

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Re: Collaboration/Session recordings/etc

Post by aprzekaz »

Yeah I thought it would be cool to have some sort of collaborative music making among the Linux Musicians.

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Re: Collaboration/Session recordings/etc

Post by DepreTux »

lazyklimm wrote:[...]some of them even can play musical instrument other than mouse and computer keyboard :wink:
I guess many people here would agree those can be fine instruments too.

Anyway I like the idea. I'm a guitarist with some (self taught) music theory background interested in Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Argentine Folklore too (though that tends to be a little more challenging to play).

I have some other instruments, most remarkably a ukulele and a keyboard, which I use frequently and can prepare some almost decent arrangement for them if I really like a piece.

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Re: Collaboration/Session recordings/etc

Post by apathity »

Sounds fun! I play rhythm guitar in most rock/metal subgenres. I'm not good at playing solos though.

Everything I record is with a metronome/click and I record at least two takes panned left and right. If you need some riffs I can send them to you as an Audacity project for example.

I'm working a lot on getting a good tone out of guitarix. Some of my presets were already included into guitarix: ... 31119a408d

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Re: Collaboration/Session recordings/etc

Post by pinellos »

i'm an electronic composer, guitarist and audio-programmer. I love Miles Davis, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Jimi Hendrix. Addicted by all 70's sort of sound, i've made a little studio in my home (but usually i work in a true audio-studio with other people, a lot of instruments are too big to stay in my little room). I'm working in experimental stuff, granularization, analog filters with dedicated signals created by puredata etc....
Need some FAT analog synth basses? :wink:
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