Who here can master music for money?

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Re: Who here can master music for money?

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Ricardus wrote: If you need references I can give you some.
I can provide Rich a reference, but his brother Jan was always nicer to me.
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Re: Who here can master music for money?

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I havent read everything but I think its enough so far to make my point:
masterng means you are making your audio material ready for the distribution media.
If is vinyl its totally different from cd or radio mastered track.
Next, there is more to it then just adapting to the distribution media - you want "your sound"....
Nevertheless mastering as dynamic effect processing should allways be very subtly you should not hear it except you are playing with attack and release of your compressor to nget this punchy pumping 808 or 909 bass kicks...
You know all music interrested people talking about loudness war - how loud shoud it be?
Me, I would allways master myself - dont trust nobody!
The time that is needed to listen to the track with your mastering guy and explaining him every detail, every part of the track and how it should sound like - that takes some time...
In that time, I would master myself.
People are different - taste and sytle is different.
I would never work with people who dont breathe music and pro audio.
Of course you can use mastering compressor for 5k - but that wont bring you anywhere if your monitor speakers cant reproduce all the transients.
So, you have the comressor and the speakers - well now you have to get the rest of the studio gear.
If you book the mastering studio, well, then you probably have to pay some hundreds for one hour.
Glassmastering and pq editing of audio cds aint expensive - thats the easiest mastering media: cd
vinyl will get complicated: you will need ellyptical distressor and you need to pay attention that the bass freqs are mastered as mono.
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