Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

I use one distro for both Desktop and Studio
I use one distro special for Studio and have one for Desktop
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Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by studio32 »

I'm wondering. Do you have a distro special for studio and have a distro for desktop next to it? Or do you have one distro, for both desktop and studio usage?

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by thorgal »

I have a laptop that I use for daily routine (office, multimedia, internet) where I run Ubuntu Hardy + updates.

I have a MythTV + NFS server with a pure debian sid+lenny OS (no custom stuff).

My PC DAW runs a customized system, I don't do any other things than music prod on it.

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by raboof »

I currently only have 1 machine that's suitable for audio and 'actual work'.

I guess I could dual-boot, but that would be a hassle. Instead, I do everything on 1 installation, which seems to work out fine.

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by ntnunk »

I have two main Linux computers. My "studio" is also my office, so both are in there. My "life" machine runs OpenSUSE 11.1 with KDE and is used for everything from email and web surfing to household finances (via WinXP and Quicken, run as a Virtual Machine using VMWare Player) to a local household web and database server (Apache2 and MySQL, natch), to a development workstation with whatever programming projects I'm playing with on a given week. The studio box is running Ubuntu Studio 8.04 and is used only for music-related tasks. The Ubuntu Studio box is mostly stock, except that I've upgraded JACK, Ardour, Rosegarden, and Hydrogen to the most up-to-date versions, mostly via compiling from source.

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by Grep »

I have 64studio on my hard drive as studio and for everyday I am using variety of Live cds and usb installs. My favourite at the moment is Mint,and I am using it right now to write this. Live CD boots with Flash and Java already configured,unlike many other live cds and contains everything that I need .

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by Havoc »

All with a single distro. I don't do both at the same time however so I'm surfing/mailing/whatever or doing sound. There is a laptop but that is set up the same way. It is a chore to keep everything up to date, so doing it twice for the same distro or even worse for 2 different distros doesn't appeal me.

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by Yeri »

I have two systems in separate partitions, one for audio production (64studio) and the other for working (ubuntu hardy heron).
I first installed Ubuntu Studio for audio but I rapidly changed to 64studio because it gives me more the feeling of being able of touching everything I want (kernel, ...). I have nothing against Ubuntu Studio, actually I practically didn't use it... I just wanted to try 64sutdio.
At this moment I am trying to configure 64studio during my free times (wireless still doesn't work.. no internet).
The fact of having the two systems in separate partitions is important because I need a stable system for working which is not compromised each time I want to configure something out of the audio system.



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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by alex stone »

Separate here, with a dedicated audio box, and the laptop (g4 running ubuntu ppc) for admin, the rest,etc...


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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by kaimerra »

I have a dual booting laptop with Ubuntu Studio Hardy and Windows XP. I start by just doing recording, composing and production in Ubuntu, but I am slowly migrating most tasks(internet, web dev, photos/printing,etc) to Ubuntu. I still have XP because I am the unfortunate owner of an ATI card and I love to play some Team Fortress 2. While development by ATI on FGLRX plus the open source radeon and radeonhd drivers has been making great progress lately, it is still relatively poor performance and buggy. I would like to consolidate everything into one bootable OS like Ubuntu, but even if I get rid of windows I may still have to boot a generic kernel and a RT kernel because of issues with RT and ATI. With any luck that will clear up in the future.
My other laptop has just 64Studio 2.1 on it which I use for live performance. That is really all I use it for with the exception of traveling when it becomes my companion because its smaller than the big one I talked about above.

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by angelsguitar »

Currently use 64 Studio for DAW and MIDI on one partition, and either use Mepis or Ubuntu for everything else. Also, I use Mepis with a kernel I compiled at 1Khz for MIDI playback on live performances (pretty simple setup: Qsynth and Rosegarden - no jack - for MIDI playback only)
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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by schivmeister »

Before losing my laptop's hard disk and a lot of my important work for some of which I would've gotten paid (I'm lazy so I don't back up much), before being in a pathetic state (using Linux on an 8GB flash drive and using Windows and Macs more than ever like when I was a kid playing the first Rainbow Six), when things were all green and glory, I used to have:

2 kernels
2 environments (not DE, though; <3 KDE foweva!)

Since I use(d) a BSD-style init platform (Arch) it's pretty easy to set up different working environments as you can do bulk of the scripting from rc.conf.
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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by DioXide »

Heh, I came to put the poll in a tie. :D

I'm a poor man, I only have a $500 refurb laptop that I use for everything. It runs my very custom remix of Debian, the system itself is about as lightweight as it gets, and it can do everything. Except gaming, unfortunately, because I couldn't get the ATi 3D drivers to work.

Never underestimate the power of cheap machines with a well-done OS, as I write this the machine is recording with Ardour, playing back uncompressed sound through Audacious and processing real-time "holophonic" sound with a method I invented, which involves 12 jack-racks with tens of plugins each, top it with a video running in the background and Firefox.. And it runs without glitches! :D

<3 lightweight stuff 8)
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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by Capoeira »

only 64studio 3.0 beta

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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by dArAzAc »

I wish that I could manage to find 2 distro's that were compatible with my wireless card :P
Going to begin dual-booting between UbuStu and Arch soon enough.
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Re: Do you have a distro for 'studio' and one for 'desktop'?

Post by cunnilinux »

some time ago, in my powerpc days, i used to have one linux from scratch build for desktop / studio use, and another minimalistic barebone build for live performance that only could run csound (and midnight commander if needed), but did that job extremely fast.

i still believe that in case of realtime live performance a dedicated minimalistic system is the best option, and gui stuff is the total waste of precious cpu cycles, since hardware midi controllers are absolutely sufficient for doing all the job.

now i have migrated to amd64 and waiting for the winter time to build my systems again.

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