My new shortscale bass and Guitarix

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My new shortscale bass and Guitarix

Postby zettberlin » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:28 am

After some 20 years playing rock-music whithout a bass I decided to go for one. But I allways hated playing normal bass-guitars so I get a Sammick Corsaire shortscale. The thingy is handy beyond believe, it feels indeed a bit better than a guitar and it sounds astoundingly bass-like.

So I am quite happy with the instrument but lo! I the 400Watts Peavy-bass amp I used for my guitars was stolen long years ago and anyway I prefer to play my guitars on the computer using Guitarix and on occasion C*-plugins and Rakarrack.

These are not made for bass I understand. But as allways I do not care for standards and common sense when it comes to music and sound so I plugged the Sammick to guitarix. It would not have me suprised if I would have been able to find a usable sound after some 1-2h of fiddeling but indeed it worked after a few minutes.

I took the Bassman-Tonestack and a 15"-cabinet with pre 12ax/6V6, adjusted gain-levels and added the compressor. And see: I get a signal not only usable but great, with nice substantial mids, a solid bass and brilliant treble and all this whithout annoying spikes. The shortscale sounds trice the price I payed for it.

And now the best: after pluging my IbanezRG to guitarix adjusted for the bass it took me only but a minute to get a good signal from the guitar too(whithout simply switching presets that is). Thanks guitarix I spent 3h of my rare free-time with only 5-6 minutes adjusting software and all the rest playing music and all the frustration in it are related to bad playing and not to unwanted suprises with software.
:) :)

So in the end: my bassless times are gone and I look forwrad a bright future playing tunes whith an extra-octave down. Thanks to brummer for Guitarix. :)
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Re: My new shortscale bass and Guitarix

Postby SR » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:42 pm

I bought a shortscale bass a few months ago after somebody told me my programmed bass lines didn't sound "human" enough. It's a dirt cheap ($175) Ibanez, but it has an amazing tone. I've been using it through my Digitech, but I'll probably give it a try through Guitarix after your endorsement.

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Re: My new shortscale bass and Guitarix

Postby studio32 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:16 am

Bass is one of the most essential parts of a band...

Not sure what Guitarix has to offer for bass, but here are some nice presets for Jack-Rack


Re: My new shortscale bass and Guitarix

Postby brummer » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:58 pm

studio32 wrote:Not sure what Guitarix has to offer for bass, ...

here is a video witch show a bit of "what" :wink:

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