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audio software for the visual impaired musician

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:51 am
by studio32
Midi sequencer: ... ex_en.html

great that such apps exists!

Audacity for Blind Users: ... lind_users

And there is more

's for MIDI-sequencing: midish, cuse and mondrian (programming language only). Deficits of midish and cuse: no ALSA or JACK MIDI backends. Only rawmidi.

For audio: ecasound (recording, processing, mixing, LADSPA support).

As for softsynths and samplers: ZynAddSubFX has a very small commandline interface (Loading only), fluidsynth (shell-like), LinuxSampler (via simple telnet, working on something nicer shell-like myself), csound and clm (both with programming language), I think also supercollider can be used via simple text-files, though I'm not sure. Oh and I'm sorry: aeolus OF COURSE, with it's shell-interface. Beatrix has an interactive curses-interface (no JACK and ALSA at all, you'll have to patch it up yorself with bio2jack and even then it may be problematic...). Tapeutape is an XML-based sampler in the making. Nice start, promising, but still lacking a bit.

there's the sndfile-suite for small conversion tasks. There's sox for other simple tasks.
You can use TiMidity live for playing. There's tranches a looping software (MIDI pattern player).
Last but not least there's jconv (former jace) for realtime IR-based reverb effects (convolution).
All these can make u-p a very formidable environment.

Real drawback is in fact only the MIDI angle. Midish has a lot of good features and is - as far as I've seen - very cleanly programmed, cuse has a nice interface and a few very cunning features (use special key-combinations on your midi-keyboard to perform some function). But they all don't have ALSA MIDI sequencer and no way to have real JACK transport. I tried hacking midish to have VERY BASIC JACK transport control support. But the result is not satisfactory. I hope I'll get back to it and then do a few tests. I guess I should first do a few more experiments with JACK though.


the GNOME desktop has a few helpers for the visually impaired. Magnifiers and orca (mixed results for braille display or speech) are there to assist and the GTK itself has a few good hooks for those things. I believe they thought about it quite a while. So GTK-based software, at least some of it, could probably called "software for visually impaired people" as well.'
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Re: audio software for the visual impaired musician

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:04 am
by studio32