Unubtu20.04 /linux-image-5.x-lowlatency, useful or not?

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Re: Unubtu20.04 /linux-image-5.x-lowlatency, useful or not?

Post by bluebell »

On my notebook computer (Core i7) I have perfect results with a lowlatency kernel and
quiet splash acpi_irq_nobalance nowatchdog nohz=off intel_idle.max_cstate=1
So I use intel_pstate.

I disable some stuff that might get in the way in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-audiotuning.conf

Code: Select all

blacklist bluetooth
blacklist btrtl
blacklist btintel
blacklist btbcm
blacklist btusb

blacklist uvcvideo

blacklist iwlwifi

blacklist snd_hda_intel
blacklist snd_hda_core
blacklist snd_hda_codec
blacklist snd_hda_codec_realtek
blacklist snd_hda_codec_hdmi
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Re: Unubtu20.04 /linux-image-5.x-lowlatency, useful or not?

Post by sunrat »

sdel wrote:
Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:07 pm
I have xruns every 2-5 minutes. Please suggest anything I could try to reduce them.
An x-run every 2-5 minutes is not going to have much detrimental effect. Do you even notice it? Occasionally one may happen when loading a file or instrument or changing parameters but they don't affect audio. Obviously if it happens during recording it's more significant. Be nice to track it down and eliminate it but not worth obsessing over.

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Re: Unubtu20.04 /linux-image-5.x-lowlatency, useful or not?

Post by basstrombone »

khz wrote:
Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:33 am
There's also the music-daw >> viewtopic.php?p=121543#p121543 >> https://github.com/joao4linux/music-daw which is kindly developed by @basstrombone and a friend of his. THX!
There is also a lot of potential in it if you critically adapt the music-daw to the current state.
dailybug2 wrote:
Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:23 am
Btw; my problem is the time wasted with these configuration issues, not the knowledge.
Full agree!
Thank you so much for your feedback we do appreciate it! we'll come back to it this year. I and João Almeida are professors at Federal Teaching institutions in Brazil and our go is to make free of piracy systems that music schools are able to run without problems and without having to buy fancy hardware/software!

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