Send/receive SysEx using Jack?

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Send/receive SysEx using Jack?

Post by martibs »

I'm using MIDI SysEx as an interface to a couple of Elektron synths (Digitone and Digitakt). It's possible to backup and restore patterns and sounds using SysEx. This works fine simply using amidi and dumping to file. However, I use Jack, and when Jack is running, amidi cannot connect to the Elektron devices.

Is there any way I can keep Jack running AND connect amidi to the devices, or is there perhaps some tool in the Jack suite that can be used for the same purpose? I tried using jack_midi_dump, but the output to the file looks different than that from amidi.

Also, the SysEx transfer is quite slow (over USB). Is that simply a limitation of SysEx, or is it possible to speed it up?

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Re: Send/receive SysEx using Jack?

Post by tux99 »

I vaguely remember reading some years ago that Jack does not support sysex dumps (not sure if this has changed).
Using Jack rather than ALSA for hardware MIDI synths is useless anyway, it's just an additional layer that could cause latency, I always use ALSA MIDI directly with my hardware synths.
Jack MIDI is geared towards softsynths.

With regards to the speed, MIDI works at 31250 baud, which means 3125 bytes per second, if you know how large your sysex files are, you can figure out how long the transfer should take.

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