Non-session-manager: test-of-concept

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Non-session-manager: test-of-concept

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I tried to replicate Unfa's live setup (, but then using Non-session-manager (NSM) as test or proof of concept of using a session manager for Linuxaudio sessions.

You can download the stuff to your computer using git and it should work.

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Installation on Ubuntu/Kxstudio:

sudo apt install non-session-manager non-mixer non-sequencer non-timeline zynaddsubfx calf-plugins tap-plugins swh-plugins zam-plugins carla feh patchage git

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1)  git clone

2)  cd nsm-proof-of-concept/

3)  place the nsm-poc_x (x=version number) folder in your NSM sessions folder (~/NSM\ Sessions/

4)  Start JACK using qjackctl or cadence.

5)  Start non-session-manager

6)   choose the session: nsm-poc_x

7)  Now all the applications in the session should open and the JACK connections are set. I'm used to move each application to a different workspace on my Desktop (LXDE) when working with Non-session-manager.

8)  You might have to connect the Master bus of Non-mixer to your soundcards outputs in Patchage.

9)   Go to Non-sequencer and click the 'play' button.

10)  go to the 'sequence view' in Non-sequencer to trigger the patterns with your mouse (or midi controller).

Further explanation and instructions are in the Readme file and on github

If all goes well, you we'll have the Unfa setup loaded in non-session-manager and can start playing with it, using the trigger options in non-sequencer.

i didn't do any mixing, I'll leave that up to you.

There are also other NSM-tips in the git folder.

Testing and feedback is appreciated! Thanks.

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