Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by ufug »

In case this is interesting to anyone: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

It's great to see Ubuntu Studio revived from near death--it wasn't long ago that people thought it would be discontinued. If you haven't tried it in a long time and are looking for a distro, give it a try.

I've been using it for the last six months or so, and it's been a very good experience. I don't even need to use the KXstudio repos any more, all the basics I need are accounted for.
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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by merlyn »

An interesting article, thanks.

This is more evidence that music production on Linux is getting more interest. It seems to be slow but steady progress.

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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by English Guy »

I am using it too rather than rolling my own on Debian.

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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by christobal »

I had previously voiced some dissatisfaction with Ubuntu Studio when on my previous rig (old hw) and on 19.04, after installing 19.10 on my new ryzen rig, I must say I really enjoy the experience so far!
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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by madskjeldgaard »

It's fantastic. Really performant and the Ubuntu Studio Controls panel is just great - much better than Cadence in my opinion.

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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by glowrak guy »

Happy to say that Native Access is working in 19.10, the software/account manager
from Native Instruments installed easily, despite the flood of scary looking terminal output,
and I'm using the registered Kontakt among many others, in the native linux Reaper daw,
after using linvstconverttree app to wrap the contents of wine plugin folders recursively.

I just finished the new 19.10 setup, and I really like it. i tweaked a few things,
removed a few things, wasn't much needed to add, except synaptic, wine-staging, linvst
plugin wrapper, timemachine, and some daws. It's easy to add apps
and the app menu to the panel, and create multiple desktops etc
The config control setup is thorough, and very well laid out for new linux users.

For Native Access, (and other commercial software) add 32 bit mfc42.dll mfc42u.dll to
.wine/drive_c/windows/syswowo64 and

to .wine/drive_c/windows/system32 add
64 bit mfc42.dll and mfc140.dll
(I didn't bother to list these as over-rides in winecfg library panel.)

and choose win 10 as the version in winecfg

(other over-rides/installs may be needed for some specific treasure,
but things are looking good out-of-the-box for linux audio.)

Thanks to osxmidi and Jack Winters for digging out the truth!

Best of all, the Studio installed the nVidia factory 3D drivers,
a real bonus when using complex plugin gui's,
and enables a few minutes of 3D gaming if needed.
Good times!

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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by AlexTheBassist »

Still don't believe it ever approaches KXStudio in means of what's available in repos and how old is it. I remember about 10 attempts to use it, none of them actually succeeded. AVLinux and KXStudio were always really far ahead of Ubuntu studio, which always looked like a nasty joke on Linux musicians. I'll probably check it out, but only if there's a reason to do so. Otherwise, sticking with KXStudio does never hurt.
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Re: Ubuntu Studio 19.10 review

Post by glowrak guy »

This is a new Ubuntu Studio team, new skills and plans.
And KX Studio repo is getting nicely optimized,


so it's a win win for the musicians.

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