Guidence Needed writing an lv2 patch convertor.

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Guidence Needed writing an lv2 patch convertor.

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Hi. I'm writing a python tool to convert native plugin patches to lv2 format for the Zynthian Project. I've cobbled together a simple tool that fudges synthv1 xml files to lv2 using a text template. synthv12vl2.

However I've realised if I want to make it more flexible and convert more preset types I should really use the python rdflib to create a graph and serialize out the lv2 stuff, especially as I want the tool to be able to take in multiple presets and generate banks of presets in the form

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I understand enough that the rdf turtle format uses the form

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 subject, predicate, object 
and the concept of all the resources being urls and the prefix stuff at the top of the ttl files. But I'm not competent enough to work out how I should be creating the sort resources to generate an lv2 preset. Would someone mind showing me how I would use rdflib to create a template lv2 preset that I can use?

References I've looked at are which as some examples in C++ which I've never coded in. ... rview.html
and the rdflib docs linked above.

Anything else I should look at?

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