What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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[...]Virage 3 Beowulf, based on the TESTING branch of Devuan.

This environment is only for testing purposes, as it’s still on active development.
1 – New Kernel: XanMod 4.19 Real Time kernel, with better performance and hardware compatibility
2 – Ardour 5 replaced by a trial shareware of REAPER
3 – All multimedia bundle updated to current versions (Hydrogen, Guitarix, LMMS, etc…)
4 – KXStudio repositories added by default
5 – Carla, installed by default
6 – New configuration made for JACK server to provide lowest latency and real time processing
7 – XFCE updated to 4.12.5
8 – More effects and distortions added to Guitarix
9 – Locale selection bug on XFCE4 fixed
10 – Realtek firmware for wired and wi-fi cards added by default
11 – Refractainstaller updated to last version
12 – Better compatibility with Windows VST plugins
13 – Totally focused on audio, dropping video support, so Kdenlive were removed and a lot of libs video-related
14 – Unnecesary packages purged and removed, cleaner filesystem ... r-testing/
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