Primer on kernels. distro and repos

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Re: Primer on kernels. distro and repos

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Fmajor7add9 wrote:note to all/self

Found this ref from AV Linux Glenn about their RT speedo kernel being built into MX:

from their release notes:
We try to stick as closely as is reasonably possible to vanilla Linux kernel sources from The only code we add/change is:
1. aufs (Another Union File System) support - used for live booting and remastering:
2. The Real Time Linux patch set:
3. Support for a few additional sound cards (varies by kernel version)

from AVL2019UserManual.pdf
GMaq wrote: The audio latency performance of Live sessions is noticeably higher than that of installs to HDD. The cause for this is unknown but it seems to relate to how the Bootable ISOs are created by Systemback.
By default the Live ISO is set for a conservative latency of 1024fpp, depending on your hardware AV Linux once installed to hard disk should easily run at significantly lower latencies. Performance may potentially be further impeded by the necessary ‘KPTI Meltdown’ kernel security patch.
Systemback is AVLinux specific right? Or does that apply to any or most other live ISOs? Would booting to RAM instead be a workaround?

OK, I'll better just try it but am of course also super curious about anyones experience on their system.

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