Rosegarden & Jack issues!

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Rosegarden & Jack issues!

Post by Anders »

I installed Fedora KDE and then installed Rosegarden & jack and some other music production software.

First I got no sound when Jack is running. All youtube videos just freeze also. And then some software synthesizers initially got MIDI signal, then it stopped working. Also it seemed like Rosegarden did not get the midi signal.

Anyone knows why there are these issues? Will running CCRMA fix the issues? Is it comon? Will I have similar issues often with other linux based OS's like debian based ones?

I used to run Ubuntu Studio and there everything just worked great! So this is a new situation...

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Re: Rosegarden & Jack issues!

Post by nikgnomicradio »

Anders wrote:I got no sound when Jack is running. All youtube videos just freeze also
That is likely to be a problem with audio playback in Pulseaudio trying to play to ALSA device taken by JACK

check if you have module-jackdbus-detect in Pulseaudio:
pactl list short modules |grep 'jackdbus'
if not, you need to install pulseaudio-module-jack

With JACK started, audio streams in Pulseaudio need to be redirected from ALSA device to Pulseaudio Jack Sink
There will be a drop-down menu in Pulseaudio Volume Control Playback tab [pavucontrol --tab 1]
normally only need manual intervention to redirect stream once for most applications
Pulseaudio will save user preference for Pulseaudio Jack Sink, and use ALSA device as fallback if JACK is not running

If JACK is not loading connections with Pulseaudio when started, Fedora documentation explains how to load connections manually ... _JACK.html

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