[Solved] Trouble installing Wine Staging on Mint 19.1

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Re: [Solved] Trouble installing Wine Staging on Mint 19.1

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bhilmers wrote:Death, thanks for posting this thread. I recently migrated back to Mint a few weeks ago and ran into this same problem, but never attempted to solve it because I've been trying to stop using WINE (it's a crutch in my audio workflow). I had the same issue of mentally blocking out the "i386" part of the package install. WINE is up and running on my system, now I just need the discipline to stop using it so much... :)
No probs. Glad the thread helped someone else too!

I agree it's better to avoid using Wine but I need it as I make my music in FL Studio. I just don't like any of the Linux native DAW's enough to switch. I can't wait for the day when I can though. Maybe FLS will someday have a Linux version. I hope so..

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Re: [Solved] Trouble installing Wine Staging on Mint 19.1

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Death wrote:..it's better to avoid using Wine...
You know what I realized the other day? I need WINE to run my font viewer. Surprisingly, "Font Manager" is kinda crap, and all the other Linux font managers seem to be broken or useless. I'm seriously considering writing one myself.

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