[SOLVED] LM: alternatives to KDE - any good ?

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Re: LM: alternatives to KDE - any good ?

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tavasti wrote:Hmm, somehow I remember disabling some/all keyboard shortcuts from settings.
In any case I *think* I'm settled now. Xubuntu 18.04 LTS. It's Xfce without these problems. Don't know what desktop manager is used, but the 'window manager' is called Greybird. It's fast, snappy, well done, everything is good about it. And nice default colors and graphics. Moreover it has an 'Open terminal' in the right-click desktop mouse menu which is quite nice. I use 8 desktops and can define my own set of shortcuts, that I always used so far, without any problem and Xfce will remember them. The only drawback was the border of the windows which are very thin and thus not easy to grab for resizing. That was solved by using Alt-right mouse click which is way faster to resize windows that any other method. No need to point and click at a specific place.

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