Anyone able to build Algoscore recently?

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Re: Anyone able to build Algoscore recently?

Post by raboof »

AlbertoZ wrote:
raboof wrote:I was able to fix up the build
Really good news! Great, Raboof.. I'll give a look ASAP..
I can load scores, but I haven't really gotten any recognizable audio from it yet ;).

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Re: Anyone able to build Algoscore recently?

Post by AlbertoZ »

Hy Raboof, from your git I built without problems :D
In my trials midi out seems to work fine (I used a midi out bus in Algoscore - connected to jack -, put some stuff on it and I can see midi events in output).
Concerning the broken audio interface of CSOUND6 I found the following in ... d-api.html

Each time a named channel with callback is used (opcodes invalue, outvalue, chnrecv, and chnsend), the corresponding callback registered by one of those functions will be called:
void csoundSetInputChannelCallback(CSOUND *csound,
channelCallback_t inputChannelCalback)
void csoundSetOutputChannelCallback(CSOUND *csound,
channelCallback_t outputChannelCalback)

These functions replace csoundSetInputValueCallback() and csoundSetOutputValueCallback(), which are still in the header file but are now deprecated.

So, in practise there should be a 1:1 replacement of that function, but I don't know if the structure channelCallback_t is ready or not in the code...
Good anyway 8)

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