Melodyne alternative ??

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calisto nicolas
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Melodyne alternative ??

Post by calisto nicolas »


Do you know a software like celemony melodyne for linux ? I would like to isolate sound , extract sound , demix sound in order to work on difficult solo etc

Thanks by advance


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Re: Melodyne alternative ??

Post by singforme »

There is nothing like melodyne on linux. Audacity does have a spectral editor though.

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Re: Melodyne alternative ??

Post by skei »

singforme wrote:Audacity does have a spectral editor though.
(the linux version of) reaper too! the latest version is v5.5rc4, so it will probably be official soon.. it has some interesting included plugins: reafir (fft eq/dynamics processor), reapitch (multi pitch shifter), reatune (autotune-ish functionality (automatic or manual), and audio to midi), reavoice (midi-controller multivoice pitch shifter), and also, you have automation curves for audio/item pitch..

it's not opensource, though..

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Re: Melodyne alternative ??

Post by ssj71 »

ISSE was set out to be really great for this stuff, but development halted (funding?). Its somewhat functional though:

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