[ArchAudio] Call for maintainers before pulling the plug

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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[ArchAudio] Call for maintainers before pulling the plug

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Hello folks

This holler goes out to you if you are using Arch Linux and (semi-)pro-audio in some capacity. As you may or may not know there existed a "pro-audio project" for like almost 10 years now, but for 70% of that time it was not active. This was mainly due to lack of manpower and self-sufficiency of the AUR.

I personally could not do anything I planned for without real-life getting in the way -- I could not even manage my packaging responsibilities as an Arch developer for quite some time now. There was a plan to host nightly builds of many things and to implement package signing. I apologize to anyone who might have been inconvenienced because of this.

However, the person (Jon Kristian) who maintained the server(s) that hosted the website and packages is willing to let someone else take over maintenance. What you will get is basically root access to one or two servers (I have not confirmed). What you will need is web development skills (if you want to host a website/forum) and scripting+packaging skills (if you want to publish packages). And of course, TIME!

Otherwise, we'll scrap everything for good and Jon can put his servers to other use. You can reply here or PM me. Thanks for reading!
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Re: [ArchAudio] Call for maintainers before pulling the plug

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Can I be the maintainer?

Yours sincerely
Shrimadhav U K
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