Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by sysrqer »

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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by khz »

nice - THX 4 --info \o/
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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by MGdesigner »

For me the main reason is ....

I don't have dual monitors. When I do mixing in Ardour,I need the mixer extend to fit 2~3 horizontal virtual screens. Then I have hotkeys to control change to which screen I need.

I used to it by Gnome2/Mate + compiz. I found no solution on Unity,so I didn't change to unity.
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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by karm »

I love Unity. But I also hate it for not being portable. When I tried to install it on Archlinux, half of my system got removed and Unity was very unstable. I missed it very much and with pain decided to go with Gnome 3. I got used to it and now I feel it's okay, but I still miss Unity.
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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by Thad E Ginathom »

At first I hated Unity. There were two reasons:

1. It looks like a Fisher Price child's toy.
2. I will not have a changed desktop environment imposed on me. I will learn new things as and when I want to: not when I am told to.

Thus, I "signed up" for the MATE desktop and later went Mint+MATE.

I'm happy.

Then my wife agreed to try living without Windows, so we bought a with-Ubuntu laptop to replace her old machine.

Hey! Unity is not at all bad to use! It is quite easy and I don't mind sitting in front of it at all!

But no, I'm never going to use it on my own machine. My menus-and-panels (panels mostly hidden) paradigm has not changed since I left the Windows camp, and it is not going to. It has expanded and refined, with Compiz and Emerald provide the aesthetics. My desktop looks and works the way I want it to, because ...it is my desktop.

In fact, there may be a dozen other ways of achieving exactly the same result. That's part of the freedom of Linux. But just one will do me fine, for as long as its components continue to be available.

I'll never use Unity, but no, I don't hate it any longer. Of the strange-to-me environments I've been sat in front of, I'd far rather have Unity than W-8!
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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by tnovelli »

Ubuntu suffers from a fundamental conflict with free software / open source principles.

Canonical (like RedHat, Google, Apple, Mozilla, etc) is a business whose #1 goal is to generate cash flow to sustain itself, its employees, and its investors. I'm not anti-capitalist. However, this hybrid arrangement is destructive for FOSS. Oh, at first it was like mana from heaven, everybody loved it, but volunteer efforts began to languish. Canonical took the reins and started building things like Unity for mass appeal: oversimplified on the surface, bloated and complex underneath. And adding stuff like Amazon search for "monetization". Real technical and usability and privacy problems are the result. Legally it's still open-source, but good luck going into the code and fixing what you consider to be problems. Even if you can figure it out, good luck getting your patches accepted.

So yeah, I don't like Ubuntu.
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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by folderol »

Took one look at unity and hated it. Back on a fairly cut-down debian with Openbox + Rox-Filer for my main computers, and XFCE on my laptop.
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Re: Why people don't like Unity and Ubuntu?

Post by chaocrator »

1) ubuntu ≠ unity. people LOVE ubuntu, because it works, and this often happens out of the box.
2) people don't like unity because it sucks. personally i dislike 3 things about unity — a) actually it's not resource-friendly, b) it installs tons of dependencies, and c) the way it parodies classic MacOS. but YMMV :lol:
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