Debian based studio distro?

What other apps and distros do you use to round out your studio?

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Debian based studio distro?

Post by J0J0 »

I am thinking about switching my "main" Linux installation over from Ubuntu Studio 18.04 to the newest KXStudio or any other Debian based distro. Or even installing a regular Debian stable and then putting KXStudio packages on top of it.


- Doing my regular Debian things - mainly I need all the tools for debian packaging and for regular software coding (vim, vscode)
- Trying out Ardour and other production tools
- Finally get around to try Mixxx as an alternative to Traktor
- 32bit compatibility

I hate having dual-boot systems, that's why the very first requirement in the list is a must-have! That's one of my main reasons where I really need a Linux machine and can't work around on my Mac (well yes virtualization is always a solution but I prefer a real machine for this). And yeah I don't have a 64bit machine, so this also slims the choice of possible distros.

What is your recommendation? KXStudio install straight or better Debian + KXStudio packages? What are the pros and cons? Any other Debian based distro around that would satisfy my needs?

thanks in advance

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Re: Debian based studio distro?

Post by LAM »

Hi @J0J0,
I'm using Debian Sid + Kxstudio repositories, 6 years old installation, all is fine here. :D

Using Mixxx, without problems, version is 2.2.4 but once 2.3 will be stable i think will hit the repos after a while.

I'm using also Ardour but beware of Kxstudio version (5.12), it is older than Debian Sid one (6.3).
You can always install the Debian version (remember to

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sudo apt-mark hold ardour
once you install the Debian one or at the next upgrade the Kxstudio version will be re-installed).
I end up compiling myself to have the new version (6.5).

For 32bit compatibility I don't know.
Having a 64bit machine I avoid it like a pest, I'm not comfortable anymore installing 32bit packages and all additional hassle it cause, not that we lack good 64 bit plugins in Linux nowadays. :wink:

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Re: Debian based studio distro?

Post by Jaaxx »

I highly recommend you try AVLinux. Debian based, has all the proper repos already setup along with realtime kernel and all the necessary tweaks out of the box. I believe it also has some coding tools pre installed as well. One of the few distros still shipping a 32 bit image as well.

I almost forgot to mention that the documentation is EXCELLENT!

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Re: Debian based studio distro?

Post by tramp »

The most recent audio apps within a Debian stable based distribution you'll get with LibraZiK IMO.

(Still I'm myself using debian/sid)
On the road again.

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Re: Debian based studio distro?

Post by mk1967 »

In my radio work LibraZiK has been the most reliable distribution for several years 8) . I'd always recommend it.


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