Useful WordPress-Plugin: Chords and Lyrics

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Useful WordPress-Plugin: Chords and Lyrics

Post by zwenny »

Maybe this is a little bit off-topic, but there isn't such a section, so:

While I'm providing stuff related to my first Album at my WordPress blog: zwenny | the guitar-head
I've come accross a very useful plugin: Chords and Lyrics. With this plugin you can write staffless lead sheets (chords sheets) within a page or an article. You can see this plugin in action on my chords sheet for Disappointed from my first album.

The legend aside isn't handled by this plugin, although it would be nice if it did. I'm tryin' to contact the plugin author for implementing such a feature. Maybe it's possible to get similar functions (e.g. tooltips for every chord with a chord chart for the actual one) like those on Ultimate-Guitar.Com (refer to a chords sheet of Glen Hansard's "Say it to me now" for comparison).
Looking forward to look back what happens now

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