Musician's journal / logbook?

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Musician's journal / logbook?

Post by Strolls »

I don't know if this is a bit of an odd request, but I was wondering if there's anything like this, if anyone here has heard of such a thing.

I've just started learning guitar, and I'd like to keep track of the number of hours I've practiced, add them up at the end of the month, but also keep notes.

What I've got in mind is something with text entry boxes for date and time(s), which will then invoke $EDITOR (or just have a big text entry box) so that I can jot down what I was working on. I'd really like to be able to make notes in guitar tab or regular musical notation - to write what chords my instructor has shown me, or tab for the song I'm learning. What I was thinking was that were I to write such an app, I'd have it dump its output through Lilypond for viewing / printing, but also have these text entry boxes and some kind of menu for listing hours practised by period, for viewing journal entries by subject and for searching.

I've had a bit of a google, and either I'm using the wrong search terms or no-one else has thought of this before. I could write something myself, but to make an app as good as I imagine would probably be pushing my programming abilities, and I could see myself sinking waaaay too much time as I think of new features (gigging/practice/etc categories, associate this rehearsal session with Band X, etc, etc).

Be grateful for any suggestions,


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Re: Musician's journal / logbook?

Post by tnovelli »

I use paper for notes... but if you want to use LilyPond, just make one big file per month (or something like that).

The ABC format makes it easier to interleave text and music, but I think there's a way to do it in Lilypond.

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