Convert mup to lilypond

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Convert mup to lilypond

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'Mup2ly was unmaintained and I think only avaiable til version 2.6 or

I am also an experienced MUP user and I started a mup2ly replacement. The
preprocessor part (i.e. the define MACRO stuff) is already finished and
working very well. The code lives at

I have the intention to finish the script once I get acqainted enough with, the python library that is used by other LilyPond import tools
to build LilyPond documents.

best regards,
Wilbert Berendsen

-- LilyKDE, LilyPond for KDE:'

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Re: Convert mup to lilypond

Post by bvdp »

The link to the convertor is broken. Is there a new one ... or could you email me the program?


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Re: Convert mup to lilypond

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