Best app for transcribing

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Best app for transcribing

Post by Aleks »

Transcribing is one of the best ways to develop a musical ear, to learn and practice reading music and also to learn and accumulate various musical ideas - that's what every (jazz in particular) musician would say. Now, it can be done "the old school" way, i.e. paper and pencil and some audio player. But, why not make it much more easier on the brain and close as possible to perfection when it comes to the results? What would be a "best app for transcribing" as the topic title says? That would be an app that has these features:

- audio track import
- metronome
- scorewriter

All these have to be in sync, meaning, when you hit the play button on the app player it should play all the above at the same tame, and continue from where you've stopped. Now let's go even further - a JACK output - so that you could use your instrument (guitar, keyboard) along the app.

So, is there any application that can do all these stuff? So far I've used MuseScore, Frescobaldy (Lilypond) and TuxGuitar. Maybe there are some similar features in those, but I've been away from music in general for some time...

I read this about Denemo:
It also allows audio recordings to be linked to a notated score with synchronization via automatically detected note-onsets; the notated score and audio are played back simultaneously and can be slowed down in real time to listen for discrepancies.
But that might be for audio recording and (auto) transcribing?

Also, Nils Gey's Laborejo has a JACK output, but can it be added an audio track that would be in sync, or if not, is it hard to implement such a feature?

I've added a feature request about this on the MuseScore forum.

P.S. Mery Christmas everyone :)

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