Musescore + Sonatina

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Musescore + Sonatina

Post by rastagallo »

How can I configure Musescore to use SSO soundfonts?
Is there a easy way rather than opening a Linuxsampler session, load the instruments and connect it in Claudia?
And, how can I do program changes with musescore to use articulation like staccato, pizzicato, ecc? :O

Or, alternatively, is there a better software suited to do this kind of work?

Thanks for the replies :D

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Re: Musescore + Sonatina

Post by TheSafePlaces »

Firstly...SSO Soundfonts? I was under the impression that they were SFZs and not SF2s, unless someone out there made an SF2 version? :?

Secondly, the better way to use many sample formats in one scorewriter is not to implement a sampler in the scorewriter but to connect the scorewriter to another sampler. Hence, qsampler/carla will remain the better bet in that regard. You can use aj-snapshot to make your connections instantaneously, more info in this thread from the linked post onwards - ... =15#p39783

Thirdly, I'm not sure how Musescore does channel and program changes as I haven't used it in quite a while, but this stuff is very easily done in Laborejo -

Cheers :D
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Re: Musescore + Sonatina

Post by lasconic »

Several ways to use Musescore and SSO.

* Someone did an SF2 version of SSO
* Musescore 1.3 only supports one SF2 at a time. MuseScore 2.0 will support more than one at a time
* You can route Musescore MIDI output through Jack to a sampler, and load whatever you need. Extensive tutorial here


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