FOSDEM 2020 developer room for music production software?

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FOSDEM 2020 developer room for music production software?

Postby Rainmak3r » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:37 am

Hi all,

not sure if this has been discussed before, but I was really curious if there has ever been a developer room at FOSDEM for music production tools, or if there's ever been a plan to add one. In case you're not familiar with FOSDEM, it's the largest open source conference in Europe (it always takes place in Brussels the first days of February), and is completely free: every year it allows thousands (8k-10k) of developers to meet in developer rooms dedicated to different areas, where there's presentations and demos on all sorts of open source software. With so many people, and a ton of devrooms on different topics, it's a very exciting place for developers and FLOSS lovers to be!

These past few years I've been a regular (well, almost regular, I missed last year! :lol: ) participant in the Real Time Communications (RTC) devroom, as I'm the author and maintainer of an open source application in that area, but I've always liked to peek at other devrooms in case there was anything of interest (e.g., open media or open source gaming). Now that I've started tinkering with music on Linux, though, I've noticed that, at least last year, there seemed to be no devroom for music production tools: the only talk I could find on the agenda was a generic overview in the BSD devroom:

Is there going to be a devroom on our beloved music production software on FOSDEM this year, or would there be any interest in forming one? I've just received notification that the Call for participation is now open:

We'd have until the 20th of September to prepare a submission, and we'd know if it was accepted by the end of the month. I'd be glad to help set this up if there's people interested (my only constraint would be possible conflicts with the RTC devroom), but of course if there's people that have been active for a long time on this nd that are excited about the opportunity, I'm glad to just attend!

I guess that, apart from interest from people attending, we'd first of all need interest from the software developers themselves to talk about their projects: I for one know that I'd love to hear from the Jack, Lilypond, Ardour, Hydrogen, Guitarix, Rakarrack, DrumGizmo, LinuxSampler, Carla, etc., developers to show people the amazing things you can do music-wise on a Linux laptop! I'm afraid that, a newbie as I am, I really don't know any of the people involved, so I would have no way to peek their interest... if you do, please point them here so that we can discuss all this.

I hope this helps: I love making music on Linux, and I'd love more people to know about what they can do!
Looking forward to your thoughts on this.

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Re: FOSDEM 2020 developer room for music production software?

Postby raboof » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:11 pm

The annual gettogether of the LAU/LAD community is LAC,

It sounds great to also do a room at FOSDEM - especially since last LAC was in the US that might complement it neatly! Perhaps get in touch with the LAC organizers?

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Re: FOSDEM 2020 developer room for music production software?

Postby Fmajor7add9 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:10 pm

I'm new to this scene and haven't been to any con (yet - it looks fun!)

When discovering FLOSS music by web this talk by Polish synth/edm/oompti wiz unfa came up From Fine to Fantastic - Beyond Static Sound Design from Sonoj Convention 2018 in Köln, a annual event about music production with free and open source software.

Found from another of his videos and they've been at both LAC and FOSDEM.

Anyway - can't contribute as a dev but would love to visit either and will follow this thread and hope you'll gather some interest to spread the FLOSS sounds further.

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