monitor routing on m-audio fast track ultra 8r

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Re: monitor routing on m-audio fast track ultra 8r

Post by shadowdaze »

I have been looking for an answer to the same question for a few years now (except for the m-audio fast track ultra, not 8r, and for Windows 7, not for Linux). Is there any chance anyone can help?
Basically I would like each input to route to a separate, individual output. At the moment, all inputs route to all outputs. I don't see the point of having all these outputs if they can't be used separately.

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Heikki Ketoharju
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Re: monitor routing on m-audio fast track ultra 8r

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Sorry for late (and un-useful) response: I haven't used this card in Windows environment, but the functionality you describe is definitely there in the hardware. I have Fast Track Ultra myself and the card works exactly fine. However this topic doesn't give you a much help because things are done so different in Linux audio hardware. You should consult your soundcards manual and use the configuration tool that probably came with your card. That's how things are currently done in Windows side...

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Re: monitor routing on m-audio fast track ultra 8r

Post by jmyles »

I recently put an Ubuntu (13) Studio low latency partition on my Vista desktop computer. I am hoping the same methods you set forth will work in this environment.

I was not able to find anyway to make the Fast track work on Windows 7, altho it works in Vista quite nicely with Adobe audition 3.0, audacity and reaper.

I am hoping I can master the whole arbor/jack/alsa stuff to get this set up as a Linux home studio.

What do you think is the best multi track dAW for this, and where do you look for plugins?

I am only recording up to four tracks. Usually three(Condenser and direct for acoustic guitar and vocal mic)

Any tips willl be appreciated.

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