Ubuntu Studio AND KXStudio simultaneously

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Scary Hallo
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Ubuntu Studio AND KXStudio simultaneously

Post by Scary Hallo »

I have a question,
can I enable Ubuntu-Studio-Repos and KXStudio-Repos at the same time? Or is this nor recommended?
I heard rumors that they don't work well together.
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Mr. Lumbergh
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Re: Ubuntu Studio AND KXStudio simultaneously

Post by Mr. Lumbergh »

I wouldn't. Mixing repos like that is asking for a potential dependency hell at best and a borked system at worst. Over on the Debian forums they'll tell you straight up: don't come asking for help if you've created a FrankenDebian, it introduces too many variables while troubleshooting.
If one repo updates something before the other and later you have another update available from one repo that's looking for a package changed by the other, you could get into a situation where you're unable to update or have a recursive dependency, and when you start accumulating broken packages these types of issues tend to multiply. Changes made by one can also break things installed by the other because compatibility is tested within the confines of the particular distro. I abandoned Debian Testing partially for this reason; changes made in the main testing repos conflicted with even the minimal repos I added from KX so I could run Carla, and Ubuntu is based on Debian Testing. Back on Stable and I added only those few things from KX that I needed using KX's add-ons for Debian, and so far it's been relatively trouble-free.
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Re: Ubuntu Studio AND KXStudio simultaneously

Post by Toejam76 »

I use both, but had dependency issues because of duplicate software in both repositories and Ubuntu's own. A receipt for disaster.
Should be ok for the plugins, which there are many. Just be reeeaally careful what gets installed. :mrgreen:

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Re: Ubuntu Studio AND KXStudio simultaneously

Post by khz »

@lilith has just posted this in another forum on this topic:
KXStudio Repositories are compatible with Ubuntu Studio? >> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1248056 ... ntu-studio
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