Mtrack-8 oddity

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Mtrack-8 oddity

Postby folderol » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:01 pm

I've had one of these running perfectly for near 2 years now and have always run it with a buffer size of 64 frames/48kHz. This last week I've been too busy with 'other things' to do any composition. However, yesterday when I tried to run it. Jack immediately went into a cascade of Xruns with a most peculiar error report, suggestion it couldn't find the unit.

Running Yoshimi by itself under Alsa worked fine, so I was now totally perplexed. Eventually I noticed that Yoshimi was set to 128 frames. When I set it to 64, it was even stranger. It ran, but on attempting to play anything it just made a horrible noise. Further tests revealed that jack also ran correctly with 128 frames or more.

For a while I couldn't think of anything that had changed during that week - no upgrades or installs. Then I remembered I'd had to repair a bad solder joint in the amplifier, and as everything is mounted in a rack, had to pull quite a bit of stuff apart to get to it. I was quite sure I'd checked everything when re-assembling it, but just to be sure did a quick 'lsusb' in a terminal window, and as I thought, audio, midi, and mouse/keyboard were all on a different internal bus, and no bus had anything else on it.

Today, while playng a CD on my 'office' machine I remembered I used to have a USB CD player that wouldn't work when plugged into the front USB3 sockets, even though it was identified on an internal USB2 bus, so checking the music system, I had indeed plugged it onto one of these on the back of that machine. Once swapped into a (black) USB2 socket it once again worked fine.

I've no idea why it had given the symptoms it did though!

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