Installing AVLinux on a NVMe drive

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Installing AVLinux on a NVMe drive

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Have anyone managed to install AVLinux on a NVMe drive?

I have used AVLinux for over a year and was quite happy with it. Recently I got myself a new NVMe drive (Corsair MP510), so I tried to install the latest version of AVLinux, but the drive was not in the list of available for installation. Later on I read somewhere that the installer cannot use NVMe drives (unfortunately). I tried to install it on another same sized SSD and then copy the disk (with Disks) to the NVMe drive, but without any success - it does not boot.

If somebody have an idea how installation on NVMe can be done it would be of great help.
As of now I am using Ubuntu Studio, but I really liked AVLinux so if there is a way to get back to it would be nice.

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