How to use 2 devices chained with ADAT optical cable

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How to use 2 devices chained with ADAT optical cable

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I am trying to use a Firewire device with an external device connected via Optical on Linux.

FYI: This setup works fine on the same Laptop (dual boot) when running Mac OS (El Capitan) but I first had to install a OSX mixer/driver from M-Audio. Confirming that the devices work and wiring are correct.

However on Linux, both devices work independently, but I don’t know how to use them together.
I connected 2 microphones, 1 to each device and was able to record only from 1 device at a time.

In qjackctl I can select each device, but how can I use both at the same time f.x. in Ardour?


If I select the following interfaces (and restart jack):
  • FW2626 (hw:1) = Using M-Audio only. 10 inputs available
    FW2626 (hw:1,0) = (same as above)
    FW2626 (hw:1,1) = Using Focusrite only. 16 input available (not sure why 16 show up)
  • MacBook 2010 - Ubuntu Studio 18.10
    Ardour 5.12
    Jack with ALSA driver
Audio Hardware:
  • M-Audio - ProFire 2626 - connected via Firewire to Macbook
    Focusrite Octopre mkii - connected with Optical cable + Wordclock
Focusrite settings:
  • Wordclock
How can I use both devices at the same time, so I can record ~16 tracks at the same time?

Note: This was first posted on the Ardour forum ... kii/100665

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