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Re: Improve performance and reduce latency

Post by tramp »

steinwayer wrote:
I can play with a "decently" low latency with 256 samples at 2 periods/buffer, but i still get occasional xruns (especially when i play a good amount of notes together with my midi controller) . If i try setting it at 128 samples, xruns are going insane, even when i don't play anything and when i put 64, they just go by the hundreds in a matter of seconds , since the moment i start jack, without even opening the daw.


I've a HDA Intel ALC891, and I could only use 128 F/P (2) when using the 16 Bit little endian format. (checkbox in the advanced tap)
I could go down to 64 F/P, but that isn't really useable.
Indeed, it needs a Low Latency kernel.
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Re: Improve performance and reduce latency

Post by CrocoDuck »

So, I was doing a few tests on a barebone openbox environment lately, and I decided to just quickly banchmark how the standalone Pianoteq executable works on my system under jack.

My system is configured to heavily prioritize USB audio. I did not change the conf, just tried a few things.

Conditions: Kernel Realtime, Openbox + compton.

When using my laptop's audio card: ALC269VB Analog:
I can play nicely up to 15 notes simultaneously with pianoteq before triggering any xrun with this setup: 48kHz, 3 Preiods/Buffer, 256 frames. Any lower latency is unworkable.

When using by UMC202HD: I can get as low as 48kHz, 3 Preiods/Buffer, 128 frames. Any lower latency is unworkable.

I configured my system for audio a lot of time ago, so maybe there are few things I would have to tweak again, but seem like 128 or 256 frames is around as good as I can get.
steinwayer wrote: I started digging around and run a few tests. One of my favourite vsts is Pianoteq, which I use since forever. The funny thing is , if i run pianoteq standalone , not as a plugin, i have EXTREMELY DIFFERENT RESULTS, (and very weird as well). THe resulsts are:
If i run Pianoteq standalone with jack , i have pretty much the same issues i have in bitwig. If I run it with Alsa instead, i can play even setting it a 64 SAMPLES!! and NO CLICKS Whatsoever!!
Maybe I glimpsed over it somewhere else, but I was wondering: would it be workable for you to just use ALSA then? I am reading more reports about people being happy with that lately, as for example here. I might give it a spin too!

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