jackd with cadence and multiple configurations

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jackd with cadence and multiple configurations

Post by phonky »

At home, I use my linux laptop connected with a PreSonus StudioLive AR12 mixer.

Thus, this requires a specific configuration, specifically the number of input / output channels, the sampling rate and the buffer size.
So far so good, this works very well. I use bitwig as DAW.

Now, I may want to take my laptop with me sometimes, and would like to do some quick editing on some mixes or something. I probably don't have the AR12 with me...

In other words, jack should work with just the internal soundcard. Don't need high-speed latency nor high-quality sampling rate, as it's just for doing some editing on the road.

Can I just save two different configurations, and quickly load them depending on which config I just happen to need (AR12 or internal)?

I have searched on the Internet but couldn't find any relevant info on how to do this.

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Re: jackd with cadence and multiple configurations

Post by nikgnomicradio »

I believe Cadence only has one settings profile for hardware

QjackCtl can save multiple profiles

There is also this to change JACK profile
but think you need QjackCtl to create the profiles for it to use

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Re: jackd with cadence and multiple configurations

Post by Luc »

My number of input and output channels has always been zero although my interface has multiple of those. Jack won't even run if I try to use any other number. But Catia (the application, of course) shows me that I do have all the inputs and outputs I think I should have, possibly arranged in a different logic, software-based kind of management. So maybe you could use zero all the time, even at home with your PreSonus. And do you really need to change the sampling rate and buffer size? Probably not.

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