is .asoundrc needed??

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is .asoundrc needed??

Post by funkmuscle »

Hey everyone, got a question here.
I replaced my Scarlett 2i2 with an Audient Sono.. The interface is made with the guitarist in mind as it has a preamp tube, bass, mid and treble. From there is has Two Notes Torpedo built in.

My thing is I connect the USB and I'm set to go seeing all the inputs and outputs in qjackctl. This interface is to me from a sound quality if far superior to the Scarlett.. I mean I have to turn way down while mixing as this is loud and clear.

The strange part is that my new recording I do in Ardour or Reaper then mix in MIxbus 32C. So once imported into MB32C, level sound the same, the meters on every track is at where they were recorded but the K-Meter in MB32C doesn't budget.

I'm using the same templates as usual... The only thing missing is the .asoundrc file. Would that be the issue?
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