how do I set WINE defaults to 128/48000?

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how do I set WINE defaults to 128/48000?

Post by pax-eterna »

I am using an app in WINE that keeps defaulting to 480/48000, which is way too much latency to be of any use for live play. I am using a USB audio device (Behringer XR18) and the app seems to be "fixed" to whatever the default system is (WINE).

I can access ALSA directly in Reaper, but in other apps using WINE I think they are forced to use some pre-configured audio control in the wine setup.

I've also tried WIne-Asio (from the AUR repo - running Manjaro) but it does not appear as an option in either WINEcfg or in Qjackctl.

So question is how can I set the default rates in WINE audio to 128/48000?

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Re: how do I set WINE defaults to 128/48000?

Post by gimmeapill »

I don't remember seeing a setting in WINE itself either.
If you need low latency with WINE, then wineasio should be the way to go. This means that you will also have to use the Jack sound server -> this is where you will set the buffer size & sample rate (the wine application will be just a client).
Assuming that wineasio was registered correctly in your wine prefix, you should be able to select it as an output in the wine application, then connect as usual using one of the graphical jack patchbays.
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Re: how do I set WINE defaults to 128/48000?

Post by Toejam76 »

Set the soundserver to ALSA with winetricks.
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