The Gnome Desktop and Music Production

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The Gnome Desktop and Music Production

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Hello folks,
Some time ago i dived deep into getting awesome performance out of my linux box. I looked at hardware, bought some, i looked at workflow modifications and etc. Then i arrived at the desktop environments. Now i had been using kde plasma for some time now and i gotta say its very nice and it plays well with jack, as in i dont recieve much xruns and if i do, is not enough to interrupt what im doing. Recently, ive been looking at gnome and in terms of usability for me, it looks like it can serve me better than kde.. I mean the gnome apps to be exact are well integrated and are very 'complete' specially since im contemplating making a mobile workstation. Now, i know i can get the apps and use kde at the same time but i highly prefer to keep everything in uniform, itll drive me crazy if i dont. A while back i looked at a blog of someone (cant remember his name) that did latency tests for pretty much all the main DEs and it resulted in kde doing better than all of them, while xfce followed (maybe lxqt afterwards or about the same) and then gnome. Now the argument for gnome was that it introduced alot of xruns due to gnome's desktop acceleration, mutter its window manager to be exact, made things worse. I believe i also read somewhere that mutter is single threaded so that definetly contributes. Anyways id like to know if there is anyone here using their pc with the gnome desktop to record vocals or midi, or make beats, etc.. Whats your experience with it? Do you have a battle with clicks and pops and latency? Does the latency argument still hold up today (as of 9/16/2020)?
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