[SOLVED] Disable pulseaudio Jack source but keep Sink running.

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Re: [SOLVED] Disable pulseaudio Jack source but keep Sink running.

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you are welcome, yes I am busy installing a backup system on a newer distro while the older one works flawless. It is time consuming upgrading an audio workstation.
If you try MX you wont be disappointed. Once installed just get rid of the vertical panel it has default on the desktop and create your own panel as you like it and get rid of all the transparencies and that confusing garbage. Otherwise it is rocksolid.
I get 2.9ms latency running Mikxbus/jack/Alsa/interface, without xruns except at startup.
Never could get that latency with windows or AVLinux (5ms was the best still with a few x-runs) .
They have their real time kernels down to a T. They rolled me a kernel which really rocks with Jack. They are very good people and helpful, but I bump heads with them often as I am absolutely against SystemD (with very good reason) and that irritates some people.

Anyway it would be worth looking at MX. (Antix ) is better but 10x more work. Mx is based on Antix and the Antix developers dislike the gremlins appearing with SystemD as much as I do and constantly work to keep antix dbus/selinux/SystemD free. Mx meets about halfway and fakes SystemD such that applications requiring systemd is kept happy thinking systemD is actually installed, without any consequence.

MX as i netioned is the best way forward for the nonSystemD etc user to get into the Devuan and antix distros later.

I will look at your browser sound problem in a while, but it might be a quite a while, as i have a lot to do here.

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