Ardour 6.8 Linux Mint on 2014 MacBook Pro

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Ardour 6.8 Linux Mint on 2014 MacBook Pro

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Hi everyone and thanks for allowing me to join this forum. I'm so frustrated with my setup and feel I'm so close to solving the issue. I'm a long time Logic Pro Mac guy so the switch to Linux Mint and Ardour 6.8 on my 2014 MacBook Pro is like pulling teeth. When I use ALSA in my Audio/MIDI setup I can record but I don't get any playback. If I stop ALSA and switch to Pulse Audio I get the playback but I can't record.

There is a thread here on the Ardour forums that provides the painful progress!! ... /106259/34
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Re: Ardour 6.8 Linux Mint on 2014 MacBook Pro

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I'm no expert, but maybe you need the Jack Audio server to connect things in you system?

I had a few difficulties with installing jack (I use Pop!OS 20.04). Starting and stopping it was not really clear to me, I installed Ubuntu Studio Controls and that did the trick for me:
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