MIDI input plugin for jEdit

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MIDI input plugin for jEdit

Post by studio32 »

Good news, fellow LilyPond-ers!
I have written a small jEdit plugin (attached) that converts MIDI key
strokes to LilyPond pitches in relative mode. It is also available
from http://www.musicbyandrew.ca/MidiInput.jar. Source code can be
found at http://www.musicbyandrew.ca/MidiChords-source.zip.
Instructions on manually installing a jEdit plugin are found at

- enharmonic resolution in any major/minor key or church mode
- distinguishes very well between single pitches and chords, producing
chord constructs where needed
- supports all LilyPond pitch languages (nederlands, arabic, catalan,
deutsch, english, español, italiano, norsk, portugues, suomi, svenska,

I have tested the plugin successfully with a Roland UM-1 USB MIDI
adapter under Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows Vista. Some preliminary testing
suggests that I am between 2 and 3.5 times faster at entering pitches
with MIDI keyboard than by typing, so I am very happy to have this.
The biggest improvements occur when entering keyboard music in keys
with many sharps or flats.

I believe that this is the first time that MIDI input is available
across all three major platforms (but correct me if I'm wrong).
Bertalan has expressed interest in including this as part of
LilyPondTool at some point in the future, but in the meantime, I hope
someone else finds this as helpful as I have. Feedback welcome.

Happy New Year,

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