Linux Home Recording is No More

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Linux Home Recording is No More

Post by reteo »

This is not specifically music-related, but it is related to the tools used in Linux for making music. I have officially stopped producing for the "Linux Home Recording" blog at blogspot.

However, this does not mean that I have stopped blogging. Oh, no. I went and bought both a domain name and web hosting, and have migrated everything over to my new site: The Penguin Producer.

You can find the website at

I will still be producing content weekly, and I'm planning to expand to also include tutorial videos (on YouTube) and possibly even start a podcast when the stars (work hours) align a little better.

Check it out, and be free to make something good!

PS: Can someone update the link in the Planet? If I'm able to do so, I'm not sure how... :-/
Also, is this the right place to be posting it? I'm not a musician, but I imagine stuff on the site would appeal to musicians as much as people like me who are more interested in voice-over work...
Lampros Liontos (aka Reteo Varala)

The Penguin Producer - Tips, tricks and techniques for producing multimedia with Linux.

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Re: Linux Home Recording is No More

Post by raboof »

reteo wrote:Can someone update the link in the Planet?
Added ... format=xml

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