No more Dave Phillips articles on LJ

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No more Dave Phillips articles on LJ

Post by steevc »

Just seen this from dp on LAU

Very sad to read this. He will still be writing for the subscriber-only digital edition, but I probably won't be subscribing just for the audio articles.

Dave has provided some of the best coverage of the Linux audio world for many years. I've learnt a lot about what is possible with free software and been inspired to experiment myself.

Dave, thanks for your great work in promoting Linux audio. I wish you all the best for the future and I hope you will still be around here to share your wisdom.
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Re: No more Dave Phillips articles on LJ

Post by GMaq »


A huge thanks Dave for all of those great articles which have truly been an excellent introduction for new Linux audio users and perhaps more importantly have inspired the featured developers and applications to take their apps to the next level under the skilled balance and 'constructive criticism' of your experienced journalism.

Sincere best wishes and encouragement for whatever new chapters you write moving forward!


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Re: No more Dave Phillips articles on LJ

Post by StudioDave »

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I'll miss the monthly reporting, but I do have some offers from other publications, so I expect I'll still be kept busy with the occasional piece. The community needs some new promotional juice anyway, and it won't hurt me to look into new avenues of production. I'll still be around here on LM, KVR, LAU/LAD, and the other lists and forums of which I'm a happy member.

Btw, my keynote address at LAC2012 will focus on the historical evolution of the Linux audio community. I've been collecting and collating some interesting statistics, should be a good opener for the event. I hope to see some LM folk there - I met some of you last year at Maynooth, perhaps I'll get to meet more this year.

No fear, I'm not going anywhere far away just yet. :)



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Re: No more Dave Phillips articles on LJ

Post by slowpick »

Sounds like someone at at LJ is tone deaf, at many many levels :shock:
But cream rises to the top, so Dave will be floating higher 8)

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