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Re: Dawn of a new Daw

Post by ccherrett »

slowpick wrote:Hi, I would like this oomidi/studio to have a menu to open labeled audio and midi ports
in both qjackctl, and the oomidi interface. And for new connections in either,
to appear in both.

Then, when a connection to yoshimi, phasex etc is made, whether in qjackctl, or oomidi,
I would like for the instrument to appear docked in a simple rack, like calf_jack_host,
with the same style 'edit' button, that launches or re-docks the related gui.
(perhaps jp1 from linuxdsp, would be easier to work with than qjackctl for connection options?)

This usability would greatly enhance the experience of new users, and bring
some valuable linkage to established linux audio users.

The latest version of guitarix also has some nice touches, like separate mono and stereo
racks for enabled fx. A modular rack that would host ladspa, lv2, linux vst, (and Steinberg vst
when jack_dssi_host and fst/Festige are running) would make this a killer app. Forgive me
is some of this is already implemented, I have not had time to read or study this great software.

Drag/Drop support for .gig files when linuxsampler is running? Greed is good, saith the gecko :lol:
I must say, the various gui elements are some of the finest anywhere! It draws the user in.
Congratulations on the release.
Yes some good ideas there. I will put them into our roadmap talks in the next few days

Thanks for taking the time!

If you would like to talk more about it then join us in irc freenode #openoctave in the next few days
Christopher Cherrett
Founder of The Open Octave Project

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