new gxtuner for jack

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Re: new gxtuner for jack

Post by GarryO »

@brummer: excellent! The new options work very nicely. :D


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Re: new gxtuner for jack

Post by Pablo »

:) :)

Thanks again!


Re: new gxtuner for jack

Post by brummer »

glad you like it :)

Anyhow, I have reworked the source and build structure to a more object orientated C++ style, and made a new release. But no new feature is added. It is more or less for a easer maintains. :)
Therefore the old download link didn't work any more, but I have edit it to point to the new version.

The improvements are:
The source is spliced into object orientated class files,
the build build object files from it to link the executable together
instead build it direct from the source.

To build a version without jack session support you could run now simply
make nosession

to build a debian package you can run now
make deb

more in the included README.

latest screen shot :


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